Adeo is a London based multi-disciplinary creative studio, specialising in spacial design, publishing and creative direction. Adeo attempts to bridge the gap between art and design, critiquing traditional design methods to form art objects, installations and events.
Astringed / 24 Hour Transfers
Poster + Publication
Limited Edition of 50 copies
Printed on various papers
In this we intend to explore how art and design can be used to influence and expand each other using a cyclical process of experimentation, taking art and transforming it into design and then attempting to reinterpret this back into an art context. So the whole thing is a sort of experiment, we intended to explore a large variety of materials and processes as well as thinking about different ways in which something can be engaged with.

We limited ourselves to 24 hours, taking a starting point which is  neither art or design, (language) and developed the project in response,this project has lots of stages and doesn’t really have an end and because so much of it is about the process the other catalogue is there to guide you though the whole project but this is a simplified version. 
émergent magazine.
The Contemporary Painting Magazine.
Issue 02
Fall / Winter 40.12.17
émergent magazine, a biannual publication that showcases contemporary painters, with the aim of giving them a physical platform to present their work - think of émergent as a gallery in print.Stocked internationally in bookstores and galleries such as MoMa in NY Armani Bookstore in Milan, MagCulture in London, Tsutaya Daikanyama in Japan.
Internet Explorer
Limited Edition 10 Copies
Published 2018
Internet Explorer explores the relationship between appropriated language and imagery found on the internet. The composition and relationship between the two images is driven by an algorithm forcing the pairing. this is a collaborative project with Asel Tambay.
Joan Lee
Website Design
Joan Lee is involved in curation, arts writing and poetry. She lives and works between New York and Berlin.
Igual Zine
Limited edition of 30 copies
148 x 210 cm
Igual Zine opens a debate about gender and the relationship that it has on sex.
It tries to question if gender becomes essential when we choose how do we stablish sexual relationships with.
Lucky Lucky
812 Pages
215.9 x 304.8 cm
Lucky Lucky is a project that attempts to represent Samuel Becketts speech Lucky using a visual semiosis. Developed with google as a visual theasurus, each image represents a word from the monolog.